Types of Forging

Types of Forging

In our forging basics guide, I have explained what is forging and how the basic forging process works. This article takes you through the classification of forgings, cold and hot … Read more

Man holding a Vernier Caliper

Parts of a Vernier Caliper

A Vernier Caliper is a precision measuring instrument that consists of a main scale and a sliding vernier scale attached to the movable jaw, which is used to measure the … Read more

Welding Cast Iron

Welding Cast Iron

Cast iron metalworking is a historic trade known for its difficulties and frustrations in which welders from around the globe today will be familiar with. Cast iron is becoming less … Read more

MIG vs TIG Welding

TIG vs MIG Welding

Competition between the various types of welding will never cease to exist within our usually peaceful workshops. Within the metal world, there is no argument more prominent or fiery than … Read more

Good and Bad Weld

Good Weld vs Bad Weld

It is not always easy to determine whether a weld is good or bad. Welds are nearly always categorized between a range of acceptable and unacceptable, especially when considering factors … Read more

Stick welding sheet metal

Stick Welding Sheet Metal

Welding sheet metals is considered a highly skillful process that requires years of repetitional practice to master. Most commonly used for welding sheet metals (in order) are the welding processes … Read more

Welding vs riveting comparison

Welding vs Riveting

In metalworking, welding and riveting are two of the most commonly used metal-joining methods. A common question to ask is which should I use for my project between welding and … Read more

Welding vs Brazing vs Soldering

Welding vs Brazing vs Soldering

Welding, brazing, and soldering are all specialist forms of metal joinery. Each is characteristically different through its application, practicality, and final appearance once applied and we shall compare these differences, … Read more

MIG Welding Stainless Steel

MIG Welding Stainless Steel

You can utilize a number of different techniques to join stainless steel. MIG welding is one of the most versatile welding techniques. But can you use MIG to weld stainless … Read more

TIG welding Gas

TIG Welding Gas

GTAW or TIG welding is one of the most versatile processes available for welding because it can be used with metals that can’t be heated with an arc alone, such … Read more

MIG Welding Gas

MIG Welding Gas

MIG welding allows for continuous welding and produces cleaner, neater welds. This process uses a continuous wire to create a weld. Unlike other welding methods, there is no need for … Read more

Welding Joints

Welding Joints

In the world of metalworking and engineering, the tasks at hand will always appear simpler than they really are, no matter how big or small. A tradesperson can spend a … Read more

Types of Welding

Types of Welding

The development of welding can be traced back as far as the Middle ages with the revolutionary progression of blacksmithing. Today welding procedures are completely different from what they were … Read more

Does Stainless steel rust?

Does Stainless Steel Rust?

Stainless steel is a well-known corrosion-resistant alloy and with good reason. However, there are some cases where it seems that the stainless steel rust. Was it actually stainless steel, or … Read more

Does Stainless Steel Tarnish

Does Stainless Steel Tarnish or Fade?

Stainless steel jewelry is beautiful, with its silver-like luster. It’s also far more affordable than silver, palladium, and platinum and more hard-wearing. But does it tarnish or fade? Let’s find … Read more

Metals That Don't Tarnish

Metals That Don’t Tarnish

When we choose jewelry, we want items that will last many lifetimes and not lose any of their lusters over time. This includes tarnishing. In this article, we outline several … Read more

Gold Like Metals

Metals That Look Like Gold

Gold jewelry is alluring, proffering the image of luxury and quality. However, various metals appear gold but aren’t. Which are they, and why would you use them? List of Gold … Read more

Metals that are not Magnetic

Non-Magnetic Metals

We generally view metals as magnetic, but some metals aren’t magnetic. Why is this, and what causes metals to be magnetic in the first place? Let’s find out. What Makes … Read more

Beginners guide to plasma cutter

Plasma Cutter

You can define plasma cutting as a method of cutting electrically conductive materials like mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.by using a jet of high-velocity hot plasma. Your Plasma … Read more

Is stainless steel magnetic?

Is Stainless Steel Magnetic?

Metals are magnetic, right? Well, some metals aren’t, including certain types of stainless steel. Let’s find out which ones. Are all Stainless Steel Magnetic? There are various types of stainless … Read more

Metals that are Black in color

Metals that are Black and Stylish

What type of metal is black? Is black gold really gold and what other materials can you use to make black rings and jewelry? Find out all about black metals.

Centerless Grinding explained

Centerless Grinding

How does centerless grinding work? What are the different types of grinders and the advantages of centerless grinding over other machining techniques? This guide explains everything you need to know.

Cylindrical Grinding

Hello! Our today’s topic is Cylindrical Grinder. Come; let us learn something about Cylindrical Grinding and the machines which are used for doing it. What is Cylindrical Grinding? Cylindrical Grinding … Read more

Milling Machines

Milling Machines

What type of milling machine is best for you? Here is a detailed explanation of different milling machine types and their uses that will help you decide.